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Tornillo Tent City 2019

Tornillo, Texas 

“Warehousing thousands of children in tents for weeks and months on end has been one of the most disastrous policies of the Trump administration responding to children and families seeking safety at the border," said Margaret Huang, executive director of Amnesty International USA.

The Trump administration opened a 2,500 holding facility detention center for underage migrants during the South American Asylum Seekers Migrant Caravan in 2019. A group of various social activists met in Tornillo, Texas in 2019 over the Christmas Holiday. Our intention only to give hope to the children that people care and people are listening. We sang for them and an organization Wise Fool brought with them 20-foot puppets which scaled the fenced so the kids could see them which they normally wouldn't see because the security guards put a black cloth all around the perimeter so the kids couldn't see out of the wired fences. We stumbled upon some soccer balls that had been kicked over the fence so we decided to make notes on them and send them over with good wishes.  The next day we discovered the soccer balls were flown back over. 


On the soccer balls, they wrote.

their names...and their ID numbers. 

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