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In my Fluxus Performance, my symbolism is to address the profoundly critical crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People. I was wrapped in a black sheet secured by a binding rope. As I unraveled the darkness, shedding the layers of silence, a golden mask emerged, embodying the muted voices of the Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP). This symbolic act sought to unveil the obscured narratives and draw attention to the urgent need for acknowledgment and action.

At the same time, the performance blended a video projection showing a man wearing a mask walking toward the crowd, a raw representation of the unresolved search for justice. Against this backdrop, the visual element of George Maciunas's photo art, "USA Surpasses all the Genocide Records!," circa 1966, provided a powerful historical context. 

The performance aspired not only to intrigue the audience but, more importantly, to prompt review and encourage dialogue on the critical crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women/People.

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